Puka Dropper

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10 Hook Puka Dropper


Price: $95.00 (Including GST at 15%)


Same as we used commercially.

Package has 10 Traces with Lumo Squid, beads and Tubing, rigged on 400lb mono and a SS Shark Clip with swivel.
SS 15/0 circle hooks. Made to detach for storage
Traces come in a mesh backed bag for storage and washing.

Backbone of 650lb Mono with spaces 1.3m apart.
120mm SS Clip each end and on a handreel.

Blue submersible float rated to 600m which attaches to top of dropper to keep it vertical and your hooks off the sea floor.

See Rope section for some 6mm x 250m coils

Puka Trace - Shark Clip

Ref: PukaTraceShk

Price: $5.95 (Including GST at 15%)


Replacement Trace for the Shark clip Dropper set above. Price is ea.
Stainless 15/0 Puka Hook 400lb trace with ss Shark clip swivel. Lumo skirt and tubing
As used on the above Shark clip Dropper.

Hooker Fishing |  Puka Dropper